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Shoe Dye
You do not have to dispose of your old, beloved shoes, even if they have stains that you cannot remove. Use shoe dye to redye your old shoes and give them a breathtaking new look. more Details
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Dye shoes with Morello shoe dye

When your well-worn shoes have stains that you can no longer remove, simply redye the uppers with shoe dye. Thoroughly clean them beforehand; after you have applied shoe dye, your redyed shoes will look good as new.

Thoroughly clean shoe uppers before dyeing

It is easy to dye your shoes with Morello’s shoe dye. Remember, though, to thoroughly clean shoe uppers before you dye them. You can only successfully dye shoe uppers that are free from dirt and bits of cleaning materials, fatty substances and old dye. To remove the latter three, reach for Morello’s decolorizer, which can also be used to thin shoe dye. Clean and prepare the shoe upper, then strongly shake the shoe dye before opening. Use the brush at the end of the dye’s screw closure to evenly distribute the dye along the upper. Take care to thoroughly secure your working space, since shoe dye can quickly stain fabric and flooring.

Shoe dye is water- and scuff-resistant

You do not need to worry about the quality of the dye, or about its durability. This dye quickly penetrates shoe uppers, and is also water- and scuff-resistant. It will not flake off, since it is extremely resistant to creasing. Redyeing your shoes does not change the fit or the consistency of the leather—your shoes just get a perfect new look. For best results, experts usually recommend redyeing shoes in a colour darker than their original shade. Our tests, though, have shown that this is not always necessary. Morello’s shoe dye invites experimentation. For example, you can keep the side pieces on a Derby black and redye the front portion brown. There are no limits to the new colours or colour combinations you can create. But keep one thing in mind: only use this shoe dye on smooth leather. Morello shoe dye comes in 40 –ml bottles with brush applicators. It is available in the following colours: white (delicate), black, Bordeaux, granite, dark blue, white (wool), light brown, dark brown, emerald, silver, gold, medium brown, yellow, and beige.

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