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Horse Hair Brush
This horse hair brush is special: it features extremely thick and long horsetail hair bristles, which have been hand-threaded through the brush head. This polishing brush is particularly well suited for polishing brogues. High in quality, made in Germany. more Details
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Burgol’s horse hair brush: long, thick bristles

Wonderfully shiny shoes create a sort of visual calling card; they accentuate a dapper and tasteful appearance. Burgol’s horse hair brush is the perfect tool for achieving radiant, beautiful shine after polishing your shoes with shoe polish. This horse hair brush is ideal for brogues, since the specially shaped horsehair bristles are far better suited than other kinds of bristles for polishing this decorative perforation.

What is special about this horse hair brush? 7 rows of extremely thick bristles.

The German name for this horse hair brush refers to traditional Viennese brooms, which feature extremely long and nicely sweeping bristles. Accordingly, Burgol’s horse hair brush has bristles that are approximately 3.3 centimetres in length, nice and firmly positioned along the brush head. As a rule of thumb, the longer the bristle, the more smoothly it glides over the shoe upper. The bristles on this horse hair brush are made of horsetail hair— they are perfect for polishing because, while very soft and dense in combination, the individual horsetail hairs are of varying thicknesses. Moreover, the hair used to make these bristles has been divided up and bleached by hand. This horse hair brush has another unique feature: 7 closely-packed rows of bristles. This formation heightens the soft, dense feel of the bristles.

Made by hand, this horse hair brush is a long-term investment

Burgol’s horse hair brush is a handcrafted, high quality product that has been made in Germany. The fine horsehair bristles have been threaded through the head of the brush by hand. Glued-in or synthetic bristles fall out over time. In turn, this decrease in bristle density detracts from the brush’s effectiveness. Burgol’s horse hair brush might see the end of a bristle break off, but none of the bristles will ever fall out. The handle of the brush is made of native German beech. This material, along with the size of the handle (18 x 4.7 x 5.5 cm), means that the horse hair brush is lightweight and fits perfectly in your hand; as a result, it does not require a lot of strength or energy to use. Burgol’s horse hair brush is robust, handcrafted, and first-rate—it does an excellent job of polishing your shoes. The end result is very similar to bull polishing. This horse hair brush’s high production quality and fine material composition make it a long-lasting, long-term investment.

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