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Yak Hair Brush
This silky smooth yak hair brush is made for finely polishing high-quality shoes. Thick and curving Tibetan Highland yak hair guarantees fabulous shine. Handmade in Germany and featuring a beech handle, this brush is extremely long-lasting. more Details

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This yak hair brush quickly achieves a mirror finish

A polishing brush is supposed to be used after shoe polish has been applied and allowed to sink in. Previously matte shoe uppers radiate fabulous shine after a strong round of polishing with this yak hair brush. The reason for this is simple: the rubbing, polishing motion warms up the fine ends of the brush hairs. This causes the wax particles in the shoe polish to melt a bit into the shoe leather, in turn promoting even shoe polish distribution, which lends the leather a glossy appearance.

Yak hair is threaded into the brush by hand

Of course, this yak hair brush can also be used for regular shoe shining—that being said, it is perfect for bringing your shoes to a mirror shine. It is also best suited for high-quality calfskin, since the extra-soft yak hairs do not leave behind any streaks on this kind of leather. The hairs used for Burgol’s yak hair brush are taken from Tibetan Highland yaks, which live at heights of over 4,000 metres. Their hair is notably thicker, stronger, and curlier than that of a goat. Because of this last quality in particular, the outer bristles on this polishing brush are made of goat hair. This guarantees that the yak hairs are held perfectly in place. Tests have shown that the ideal bristle length for this yak hair brush is under 20 millimetres. Yak hair’s special structure and fineness mean that this polishing brush cannot be made by machines. Only a handful of specialized brush makers are capable of threading this soft hair into the brush by hand—Burgol calls upon said specialists. The brush’s wooden handle is made of native German beech.

Quickly create a mirror finish with Burgol’s yak hair brush

The manual production costs involved in making this yak hair brush are more than ten times those incurred by mechanically produced brushes. As a result, though, this brush is extremely long-lasting and, in the best-case scenario, can even be passed down for generations. This lightweight yak hair brush is also the perfect size for making polishing motions— the wooden handle measures 18 x 5 centimetres. The advantage of Burgol’s polishing brush with yak hair bristles, as confirmed by experts who polish over 50 pairs of shoes a day, is as follows: the yak hair brush is denser than a goat hair brush, even when both brushes have the same number of holes for bristles. For this reason, the yak hair brush is more effective for achieving a mirror finish. Burgol’s yak hair brush is a robust, handcrafted, premium-quality brush that provides excellent shoe care. The end effect is very similar to bull polishing. The yak hair brush is available in light and dark varieties.

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