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Exotic Shoe Polish Kit
Fans of exotic leather are often interested in finding the gentlest way to care for their favourite skins. This 5-piece exotic shoe polish kit provides virtually everything you need to gently, thoroughly care for various kinds of exotic leather. more Details
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Gentle exotic leather care

The majority of the leather used for shoe production is taken from cattle—cattle hides are a by-product of the meat industry. Although demand is increasing, this kind of leather remains comparatively inexpensive. The same cannot be said of leathers taken from exotic animals such as pythons, crocodiles, or even ostriches. These exotic leathers are acquired from special breeders, and fulfil the legal requirements of CITES. While exotic leathers are submitted to a significantly more complicated tanning process than cowhide, they barely undergo additional processing, with the exception of ostrich leather. As a result, highly decorative exotic leathers come at a relatively high cost. Classic cream is not sufficient to care for exotic leathers, since they have special requirements. Simply put, they demand gentle care. Use a quality dust brush to remove particles of grime and a premium leather conditioner to keep leather from drying out.

This exotic shoe polish kit contains:

1 Shoe Polishing Cloth. This square shoe polishing cloth measures 30 x 30 centimetres is used to apply shoe cream and shoe wax to the shoe. Alternatively, it can be used to polish the shoe.

1 Leather Conditioner. Sensitive leather—including varieties of exotic leather— requires extremely attentive care. This leather conditioner from Famaco simultaneously cleans and treats leather. It supplies leather with nutrients that the material has lost over time, restores lipids, and deepens leather colour.

1 Dust Brush. This Burgol dust brush with powerful horsehair bristles is perfectly suited for pre-cleaning premium shoe uppers. It removes soiling in a gentle manner. Made from German wood, this premium brush is highly durable.

1 Sole Edge Dressing in Dark Brown. The shoe sole and heel accumulate the most wear and tear through everyday use, i.e., walking and standing. The colour on these parts of the shoe easily flakes off—for example, when you bump your shoe against something. Sole edge dressing lets you restore sole and heel colour.

1 Pair Replacement Shoe Laces in Black. We have included a bonus pair of black replacement laces in case your shoe laces ever tear.

Purchasing this exotic shoe polish kit saves you about 18%, as compared to individually purchasing each item contained inside.

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