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There is an old sayin: "I am too poor to buy cheap things." Although high-quality shoes come at a price, they last for so long that they end up paying for themselves. It is rare to find pairs for a bargain, and it is unwise to purchase them on clearance. Buying quality shoes from online retailers can help you save money, since these kinds of businesses boast an optimal distribution system.


Generally speaking, quality shoes are painstakingly handcrafted from quality materials, and designed to last for a long time. It is hardly any wonder, then, that Goodyear-welted men's shoes are sold at a significantly higher price point than their lower-quality, discount counterparts.


Good shoes are a long-term investment

Shoes at the bottom end of the premium tier, such as brogues and luxe trainers, can be found in specialist shops for prices starting at 200 Euro. Quality low-rise leather shoes start at 350 Euro. At first glance, prices such as these seem daunting. However, these sums are well worth spending, since high-quality men's shoes are a long-term investment. When purchasing a pair, bear in mind that these shoes will not wear out and require replacement after a short period of time, that they offer a much higher level of comfort than budget pairs, and that they support foot health. Good shoes will stay with their buyer for at least five to ten years. If he were to purchase, say, two pairs of lesser-quality shoes per year, this would be more costly in the long run than if he had simply started with a higher-end pair. Premium shoes help you save money and are therefore a practical choice, even for those with less money in their pockets. The old saying holds true: "I am too poor to buy cheap things."


Avoid events that promise bargain prices

When it comes to premium shoes, prices tend to stay consistent and bargains are largely unheard of, excluding going-out-of business sales or reduced prices on remaining stock. That being said, going-out-of-business events are to be avoided. Shoes are usually specially produced for these sales so that the retailer can offer rock-bottom prices. Consequently, quality falls by the wayside, which is why manufacturers of note avoid this business practice.

Nevertheless, an ideal cost-benefit ratio is still possible: specifically, through online retailing. This is possible because e-retailers work with an extremely economical distribution system. They communicate directly with manufacturers—thereby cutting out the middleman—and, thanks to optimized customer communication, enjoy storage that is not as cost-intensive as that used by brick-and-mortar retailers. Under these circumstances, customers can purchase quality shoes starting at 160 Euro: quite a significant savings!

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