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Breaks from Wear

Leather retains moisture. This can cause premium shoes to lose their form, and even accrue lasting damage. Breaks from wear prevent this from happening, and are an indispensable part of ensuring shoe longevity.


Even though you are doubtlessly eager to wear your new shoes, you should not wear them two days in a row. Making sure to take one-day breaks from wear significantly extends the lifespan of your shoes.

Moisture harms your shoes as well as your feet

Moisture gathers in your shoes because they are made of leather, which absorbs moisture from the foot and, to a certain degree, retains it. The shoe leather, previously treated with a tanning dprocess, suffers from this moisture retention, as does foot hygiene. Wearing warm, damp shoes encourages the development of athlete's foot. Over the course of the day, moisture buildup, warmth, and general wear and tear cause the shoe to gradually lose its form. Over time, this causes the shoe to lose its overall stability. In the worst-case scenario, the insole stretches immensely, the seams holding it in place tear, and the shoe shaft separates from the sole.

A clear indication that you have been wearing your shoes too often is a darkly coloured insole. If you take regular breaks from wear and allow your men's shoes to air out, their insoles will retain their light, natural colour, even after years of wear.

To stay on the safe side, after removing your shoes in the evening you should immediately insert a shoe shaper and allow them to rest for a day. This guarantees shoe hygiene and preserves perfect shoe fit. If you cannot avoid wearing your shoes for several days in a row—for example, on a business trip— it can help to take an extended break from wear once you get the chance.

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