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Long Horn Shoe Horn
Premium long horn shoe horn. This shoe horn measures an astounding 60 centimetres in length and comes in a gleaming shade of amber. It spares you the trouble of bending over to put on your shoes. Each shoe horn is a one-of-a-kind piece. more Details

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Sophisticated long horn shoe horn

First and foremost, shoe horns make it easy to put on your shoes. They also protect delicate shoe counters; if you use your hands instead of a shoe horn to put on your shoes, you run the risk of damaging the counters. Although all shoe horns perform these functions, not all shoe horns are created equal. Unlike your run-of-the-mill models, this long horn shoe horn is a handcrafted masterpiece made by Abbeyhorn. Abbeyhorn is a traditional English company with over 250 years of experience in horn processing. The company has always used natural horn to make its shoe horns. The raw material is sourced from the African zebu, an animal whose enormous horns can be used to make shoe horns up to 60 centimetres in length.

Each Abbeyhorn shoe horn is one of a kind

The zebu horn is cut, formed over an open flame, then sanded by hand and polished with the utmost care. Since in nature not all horns are alike, every horn shoe horn made by Abbeyhorn is one of a kind, with a unique grain and colouring pattern. Horn shoe horns have a sophisticated look, and lie perfectly in your hand. Simple yet stylish, they are the perfect tool for putting on your shoes. This long horn shoe horn boasts an astonishing length of approximately 60 centimetres. It is light in colour, with a delicate dark grain. When held against the light, it glimmers in an amber shade. Although it tapers at the tip, it lies perfectly in your hand. The long horn shoe horn’s tremendous length spares you the trouble of bending over to put on your shoes, something back pain sufferers will particularly appreciate. Its curved underside fits perfectly against your heel—when you use this shoe horn to put on your shoes, your feet virtually glide in of their own accord. A small leather band attached to the shoe horn makes it easy to hang it up for storage.

Horn shoe horns are long-lasting and easy to use

Horn shoe horns are extremely durable and reliable. When used properly, they are virtually impossible to crack, tear, or break. Sophisticated models such as this long horn shoe horn can be passed down for generations, provided that they are properly cared for. To preserve the shoe horn’s breathtaking shine, simply clean it with soapy water, dry it off, and rub it down with a natural oil. Avoid using harsh chemicals on the shoe horn. In nature, no two zebu horns are alike; as a result, your horn shoe horn may differ slightly in colour from the product images.

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