Our collection of sophisticated women’s accessories

Those who dismiss women’s accessories as superfluous are doing these stylish, exquisite pieces a true injustice. Although they are often assumed to play second fiddle to clothing, carefully selected accessories can end up stealing the show. The right gloves, leather belt and tasteful shoe laces are perfect for complementing a stylish woman’s attire, embellishing her appearance and making a lovely statement.


The fine art of stylish finesse

Fashion can be fickle, and over the years many different kinds of women’s accessories have come in and out of style: religious symbols such as crosses and veils, coquettish fans, hats, which remain popular to this day, and perennially popular handbags and traditional gloves. Over the centuries, social codes have been the driving force in determining which accessories a respectable lady ought to wear. Nowadays, while pairing clothing with the right accessories is no longer necessarily an obligation, it certainly remains a fine art.

When selected with consideration and care, even the smallest details can serve as calling cards of the wearer’s style, and speak to her stylish finesse. Faced with the overwhelming range of products on the market, one needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. Whether a women prefers to dress in an opulent, detailed manner or a pure, minimalist one is a matter of personal taste, the occasion at hand, and her particular circumstances. While the choice of accessories is influenced by many factors, one thing remains constant: sophisticated women’s accessories are made from premium materials, painstakingly manufactured, boast timeless designs, and are the cherry on top of a classic, stylish look.

Sophisticated women’s belts to match our classic Goodyear-welted shoes

Alongside shoes, belts are perhaps the most important women’s accessories. For example, a belt worn with clashing shoes can ruin an otherwise perfectly good outfit. Luckily, the two-layer full-leather belts in our collection are made from materials and colours that match our shoes, making the dreaded clash a thing of the past.

Our classic women’s belts are made from the same premium smooth leather, stylish nubuck, or exotic ostrich leather that we use to make our Goodyear-welted shoes; this variety of materials offers something for (virtually) everyone. Best of all: our women’s belts are not only available in various widths, but also come with your choice of either an oval or a square belt buckle. Our silver buckles are made of a premium zinc alloy that is entirely free of nickel, making them an excellent choice for women with a nickel allergy.

Timeless, classic women’s leather gloves

While gloves were once worn mainly to protect hands from the cold, they have long since belonged to the repertory of classic women’s accessories. Over time, various different glove cuts, patterns, and styles have been developed, as have a range of style guidelines for both men and women. For instance, in the past it was considered extremely uncouth to reach out to shake hands without wearing a glove — later on, though, it was considered polite for gentlemen to remove their gloves when shaking hands, whereas women were still expected to keep theirs on.

When it came to wearing this traditional accessory, women stuck to a strict dress code when choosing patterns and materials (depending on the time and occasion) through to the 19th century. Our leather gloves for women impress with their timeless elegance, as well as with their versatility. From classic designs to modern, ornamental looks, our collection of women’s gloves includes something to suit every taste.

That certain something — silk shoe laces for women

This women’s accessory has a width of a mere six millimetres — hardly imposing. Because of this, the shoe lace often goes neglected. This should not be the case, though, as silk shoe laces can fundamentally change the look of both classic women’s shoes and more extravagant models. We offer classic, monochrome models as well as polka-dotted ones that lend a stylish touch — let your personal preferences guide your selection.

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