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Shoe Storage in Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are a practical and elegant method of shoe storage. They fulfil all the requirements of shoe storage: protection from light and dust, plenty of space, and sufficient air circulation. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, they provide high-quality shoes with a proper home. 

Luxury-grade shoe storage

Shoe boxes are the ideal shoe storage method for premium leather shoes. They offer plenty of space, protect shoes from light and dust, and ensure sufficient ventilation. Moreover, you can combine several shoe boxes to build a stunning shoe cabinet.

When it comes to storing your shoes, you should choose a place that is protected from dust and is not too damp. It is most important, though, that the space is well-ventilated and lies well removed from sources of light. Although often praised, open shoe cupboards are not particularly well suited to the task of storing shoes. Additionally, shoes should always be stored standing upright, and in such a way that they have sufficient room. This is the only way to ensure sufficient ventilation.

Shoe boxes are perfect for shoe storage

Shoe boxes are the best method of shoe storage. They offer plenty of space, protect shoes from light and, thanks to holes incorporated into their design, also guarantee sufficient ventilation. In terms of their construction and features, they perfectly meet the requirements of shoe storage. Inside the boxes, shoes rest on top of a slatted wooden frame that ensures ventilation from all sides. Made from premium wood and free from sharp edges, each shoe box perfectly stores a single pair of shoes. It is easy to combine several shoe boxes, which results in a visually arresting and perfectly practical cabinet— a wonderful method of shoe storage.

Yes to shoe storage, no to shoe deterioration

Long-term shoe storage requires that you thoroughly clean and care for your shoes before storing them. It is best to let shoes rest on a shoe tree for two days beforehand. This eliminates warmth and dampness from wear and allows you to remove dust and dirt from the shoes before treating and polishing the leather.

As nice as this method of shoe storage is, a pair of shoes should not be stored for a number of years without being worn—leather demands nourishment as well as wear. Otherwise the leather will dry out and, in the worst-case scenario, can become brittle. After a long period of time without wear, seams along the shoe become susceptible to breakage as well.